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3 - 4 March 2020


What's the Hackathon about?

Hacking is change and everyone is a hacker of his own life and environment. And a Hackathon is perceiving change together. 

At Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, we are convinced that together with you we can build a solution-oriented, positive future, adapted to the changing world.  We can lead by example, showing our visitors how to deal with the larger-than-life challenges our generation is facing: Climate Change, Resource Scarcity and Energy Transition.  

There are plenty of solutions out there – for example, the critically and scientifically acclaimed research project Drawdown offers an exhaustive list of climate change adaptation solutions. Ranging from food waste reduction to plant-rich diet and renewable energy solutions, there are actions we can take on a personal, company, or community levels.  

But how can we share these many solutions through our Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus? How can we inspire our visitors to take an active part in shaping this more resilient future?

Join the Living Tomorrow community and let’s explore new ideas together! Let’s tap into the power of our combined knowledge and creativity, and work on future-proof systemic solutions. Let’s show the world how it could be done!   

Who can participate?
Anyone who is inspired by these challenges is welcome. Are you a student, employee, self-employed, a corporate, governmental worker or researcher, you name it! We are not looking for specific profiles and you do not need to have an idea ready & off the shelf.

What’s in it for you?
An exciting 2 day journey where you get inspired by our experts, learn how to generate ideas to a pitch with your team and can unwind during our fun activities! Oh yeah, we will also feed you!


The Challenges

Join us on March 3 and 4 this year to work on one of these 3 themes: 

- Climate Change Adaptation: use the list of 100 solutions as inspiration for impactful carbon reduction initiatives.  Let’s also not forget about water management - if Climate Impact Mitigation is about carbon emissions, Climate Adaptation is about water. 

- Energy Transition: did you know that 50% of our energy needs are related to heating or cooling? And that the surplus heat of industrial processes in the Port of Rotterdam could heat all the residential homes of the province of Zuid Holland?  The internet of Energy, renewable energy, reducing energy needs are all part of the Energy Transition theme. Source: Deltagrid 2050 

- Circularity: In nature, everything is re-used in one way or another, nothing is lost, and waste equals food.  So, how can we intelligently introduce a more circular economic model into our current cradle-to-grave economy, to re-use resources at the same level or in another process? 

Source: Thomas Lambert via Unsplash

The Outcome

The best Hackathon ideas will be incorporated in the new Innovation Campus of Living Tomorrow.
This means your teams solutions could get a 5 year visibility to the general public and have an actual impact on how people perceive these future challenges and how to handle them. The winners will get their project realized with the Living Tomorrow team. 


Start: 3 March 2020
End: 4 March 2020

Living Tomorrow

Indringingsweg 1
1800 Vilvoorde

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Joachim De Vos

TomorrowLab & Living Tomorrow
Joachim De Vos
  • Joachim De Vos
    • Master in Science, Ing. Telecommunicatie & Elektronica, KUL
    • MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Chicago, FBS Antwerp
    • CEO Living Tomorrow, Brussel
    • Managing Director & Founder TomorrowLab, Brussel
    • Member of the FF Board – CCF – Philips Research, Eindhoven 


    Joachim was involved in the creation of Living Tomorrow in 1995. In his role he was responsible for the vision on the future and collaborated with over 160 companies worldwide to bring the vision to life. Today Living Tomorrow has about 70 employees and visitors can experience the fifth generation of Living Tomorrow.

    In 2007 Joachim created TomorrowLab, a Living Tomorrow spin-off that supports organisations to prepare for the future. TomorrowLab is a practical and neutral incubator, coordinator and facilitator. 

    Read more

Frederik Loeckx

Managing Director
Frederik Loeckx
  • Frederik Loeckx
    Frederik Loeckx is Managing Director of Flux50. Flux50 is the membership organization that helps Flanders gain international recognition as a Smart Energy Region. Flux50 facilitates cross-sector collaboration between energy, IT and building companies to enhance the competitiveness of the Flemish smart energy industry in the transition towards low carbon systems.
    Frederik Loeckx graduated in 1996 as electrical engineer at the University of Leuven and obtained an MBA from Vlerick Leuven-Ghent Managment school in 2001. He worked as advisor on innovation strategy and innovation projects at the Flemish government. In 2006, Frederik Loeckx founded Triphase, a spin-off of the university of Leuven, operating internationally with research systems for smart energy systems and grew the company to 16 people on own accounts. Up to 2016, Frederik was CEO of the company a and on behalf of Triphase, Frederik was member of the board of Flux50 for 6 years, as well as present in several innovation advisory groups in Flanders.
    Read more

Antoine Geerinckx

Antoine Geerinckx
  • Antoine Geerinckx
    Antoine Geerinckx is the founder of CO2logic, the Belgian pioneer in local & global climate action. The CO2logic team advises small & big organisations on how to reduce their climate impact & reap the benefits of credible climate action. One of their main passions is the development of meaningful climate projects in Africa’s least developed countries. “In a global economy, we have a global responsibility!”
    The relentless quest to “have a positive impact on society” shapes his entrepreneurial life and gave birth to other environmental ventures:, and When he’s not with his colleagues you can find him with his family and friends surfing waves and staying close to nature.
    Read more

Deepak Mehta

Futurist Techonology Expert
Deepak Mehta
  • Deepak Mehta

    Deepak blends entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and learning, combining his expertise in matching the right technology mix to your solution and finding the right partnerships. Having a long-time horizon, allows Deepak to help you assess the impact on your project and what technologies can help you mitigate that impact. But also convert that into a roadmap in the shorter term. 


    Being the technology expert at Technopolis, HackBelgium and TEDxAntwerp allows Deepak to find the intersections that technology has on domains and Social Economy, Culture and Policy. Being a generalist, Deepak has no preference for any technology and therefore looks for the technology that fits your problem, rather than the other way around.

    Read more

Jan Leyssens

Circular Design Expert
Jan Leyssens
  • Jan Leyssens

    Designer, entrepreneur and activist working on circular economy and social innovation.

    “I strongly believe you can’t turn sustainability into a positive story if your main focus is on negative impact.”
    Always looking for the overlap between activism and entrepreneurship, technology and community.

    Jan’s expertise lies in strategic business model design, innovation and design-methodology, Circular Economy, the makermovement, and social innovation.

     Founder and CEO of Regenerative Design, co-founder of Switchrs, podcaster, storyteller, and changemaker.


    Read more

Dorothy Mingneau

Senior Innovation Designer
Dorothy Mingneau
  • Dorothy Mingneau

    Dorothy has a master in product development and is absolutely convinced of the powerful value of implementing the “design thinking” mindset and approach in all domains of business innovation . As a lateral thinker, she’s able to navigate complexity, inspire people, reframe problems, embrace ambiguity and prototype solutions.


    Dorothy has more than 10 years of experience as an innovation consultant, in all kinds of innovation domains. She has worked with companies and organisations in very different industries (profit, non-profit, cities, …). Over the years Dorothy developed a wide variety of skills, from business modelling to venturing, to future forsight. This enables her to support teams and organisations through the transition from where they are today to where they need and want to be tomorrow, in a very engaging approach.


    From facilitating inspiring workshops with a big focus on "doing and experiencing" to guiding management teams through challenging strategic conversations.

    Read more

Mark Bollen

Innovation Designer
Mark Bollen
  • Mark Bollen
    Mark is an experienced professional with expertise in innovation & knowledge management, strategy development and business model innovation, and an expertise more specifically in water-related consultancy.
    Before, he accumulated 15 years of experience in engineering,  project management, innovation & knowledge management and innovative projects for integrated water, offshore, coastal and port projects worldwide.  
    Mark is fascinated by Innovative Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and related Societal & Ecological Challenges.

    Read more

Leo Exter

Chief Energizer
Leo Exter
  • Leo Exter

    Leo has been active in the startup ecosystem in Belgium since 2009: he's started the Startup Weekend movement in Belgium, and built an online community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.  He's led an acceleration program and a series of investment events.  


    Leo is one of the creators of Hack Belgium, a massive Open Innovation Festival.  The most ambitious event of its kind, Hack Belgium is a unique part-conference, part-hackathon experience for over 1000 people that helps its participants create new sustainable businesses with a positive impact - or to transform existing companies.   He’s also worked on professional-grade hackathons, both private (for banks, pharmaceutical and construction industries) and public – such as Humanitarian Hackathon and Hack Utilities. 


    Leo is a sci-fi aficionado and an occasional TEDx speaker.   

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Participating Organisations


Living Tomorrow


Dexis Belgium



Sport Vlaanderen

Stad Vilvoorde


Thomas More Hogeschool

Karel de Grote Hogeschool

Universiteit Twente